Leisure Activities and Luxury Hotels

Leisure activities and hotels (Groupe Barrière and SFCMC)

Fimalac holds a 40% stake in Groupe Barrière, a renowned luxury hotel and casino operator. Groupe Barrière is the leading casino operator in France and Switzerland and one of the top tier players in this market in Europe. Most of the hotels operated by Groupe Barrière are owned by the group.

Groupe Barrière's revenue, before gambling taxes, for the 12 months ended October 31, 2017 amounted to €1,036 million. Groupe Barrière had 5 500 employees at the end of 2017.

Fimalac also owns 10% of Société Fermière du Casino Municipal de Cannes (SFCMC). A sister company to Groupe Barrière and listed on Euronext Paris, SFCMC operates two casinos and two prestigious hotels in Cannes (including the Majestic Barrière) offering a comprehensive range of gaming, leisure and entertainment options.